The Xiao son Mo gave up to bring up powe

“The Xiao son Mo gave up to bring up power.”Traverse if nine months interrupt Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses her, the double arm also loosenned to open and lowered the head to Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses stare at her water Mou, the eye bottom loaded down not to delude, ” he when the end wants and announces verdict a result, give up on one’s own initiative.The bright Expertscalleds pearl belongs to Wen son!”
Lin Jiu seems to be at 1:00 also in addition to never thought Ray Ban Outlet that, the pure eye pupil is sparkling, the corner of mouth raises smiling face:”BE?Ray Ban sunglasss so very good, Ray Ban Sunglasses the Wen son finally had peace of mind.”
Traverse for nine months, the vision tightly stares at, some words’ arriving lips side doesn’t know how to say as well.
Ray Ban sunglassf isn’t Lin Jiu, does the Xiao son Mo how can and suddenly give up to bring up power?
Lin Jiu how can doesn’t know to traverse is just thinking at the moment for nine months what, open mouth on one’s own initiative:”You want to ask, the Xiao son Mo suddenly gives up to bring up power is relate to me?”
Traversed the lips petal tightly closing lightly for nine months to become a line, the vision of deep idea looking at her and noded.
“Ray Ban sunglassf, Ray Ban sunglass say and have nothing to do with me ……” Lin Jiu’s voiceses put slowly, mountain clear water the clean vision see toward him, have no the slightest of flicker or guilty, “do you believe me?”
“Ray Ban sunglass believe!”The hesitation traversing Ray Ban Outlet for nine months and having no the slightest nods, ” as long as being what you say, Ray Ban sunglass believe.”
Lin Jiu’s corner of mouthses smile more heavy, the Dian rises toe and kiss his side face, the voice is very small, but a word a word was matchless to clearly stream in to traverse ear for nine months inside, “nine months, Ray Ban sunglass really love you!”
“Ray Ban sunglass also really love you.”Traverse for nine months, the finger holds her Han, Ray Ban Sunglasses lower the head thin lips to stick on her lips petal, ” we finally can together, no one can separate us any further.”

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