18 thoughts on “Latino Father Disciplines 13 Year Old Daughter for Lying About Age to Guys on Facebook

  1. would have taken away her computer , ipad, I phone whatever she uses the internet for. and than slapped her in the back of the head.

  2. thank god finally we see a great father on camera and in action! take his guidence fathers WE need more men like this…good job!

  3. You go dad I would’ve done the same she will thank you later on in life mama listen there’s a lot of locos out there don’t rush life enjoy it daddy is just looking out for you ok I hope he gave you a hug and a kiss afterward con mucho amor from a Latina mama

  4. I wish my daughter’s dad would have stepped in when I begged him for help. she is dead now from a drug overdose. To me he is doing the right thing. He loves her and even though she is not happy right now she will thank him for it later. she cannot say that her daddy doesn’t love her. I wish there were more dads like this. I applaud you for protecting your daughter from who knows what to include protecting her from herself.

  5. I tip my hat off to her father! She’ll appreciate what he’s doing for her later on when she gets older but right now, she thinks her world is ending and that her father’s the worst thing God created! HOPEFULLY, she’s learned her lesson and that he’s doing this because he loves her so very much!

  6. Young girl, only 13 … you should learn and know that your dad has your best interest…He is trying to protect you and teach you values that you might think at the moment are non sense and stupid. But he has lived so much more and he wants you to grow up and be the best woman you could become. Listen to his advice and try to understand where he is coming from..Because a lot of young girls wish they had a dad that cared this much for them and guided them through life..

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